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ENTREPRENEURSHIP It’s 1999. Today I meet the entrepreneur I’m going to guide. At this point in my life, I am a third-year Industrial Engineering student. The entrepreneur I supervise has an issue, I can help him with it in exchange for 3 credits. I don’t know yet that I’m about to experience something that will change my life completely.

As I write this we are 20 years later. And at this moment I am fully aware of my experience at the time. This was the first entrepreneur I was allowed to help by providing him with a piece of personal insight, combined with practical tips that were tailored to his body.

I also learned what my definition of entrepreneurship was. Entrepreneurship is going for what you enjoy doing best, while at the same time being meaningful to someone else. There I learned that you can only do business together. In the meantime, my team has guided countless entrepreneurs to freer and happier entrepreneurship. In this blog I would like to share my most important tips and insights from the past 20 years:

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1. Where you come from is not important to where you want to go
Why try to fit in when you’re born to stand out? In the farming village where I was born and grew up, there was an “act normal, then you’re already crazy enough” mentality. I had parents who had not attended a good school, and their parents were exactly the same. We didn’t live in the best neighborhood. House (in that village), tree, animal, job was the norm. I could have made it very easy for myself and kept following the herd. But would I have been able to look back on my life with great gratitude and pride? And then I ask you now; how do you look back on this at the moment?

2. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something
Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in even if that means standing alone. If I got a euro from everyone who yelled at me that I couldn’t do something or that I wouldn’t get something…then my bank account would have been a lot more favorable now In all phases (from teachers, boyfriends, parents of boyfriends , uncles, aunts, to grandparents, deans, coaches, managers and peers) I have come across “you can do that, can’t you non-callers”. In all phases it has motivated me enormously to prove them wrong. How do you deal with this?

3. Don’t take your lesser qualities too seriously.
Your mess is also your message. High Sensitivity (HSP)… I was born with it and can use it in a positive way. And, I suffer from it too. This is how I can let myself be overwhelmed by people who unexpectedly react differently (negatively). And that can be difficult in my profession. I embraced it. Learned to build great habits around it that help me deal with this better. How do you deal with your weakest plus?

4. Everything is much more fun
when you are together. Alone you go faster, together you go further Entrepreneurs are far too often “loners”. I certainly was in the beginning. Doing it together definitely makes it that much more fun. Together with your team, with customers, with partners and suppliers. I really get a kick out of finding the connection between an entrepreneur and his team and vice versa. The jointness we create with that; I run on that energy!

5. Don’t forget to have fun
Life is too serious to be taken seriously Try doing a “high five” with yourself… awkward and awkward at the same time. I like to work hard, but also have a lot of fun. I can be really, really serious, and I can’t. If you have daring, guts, courage, strength and dedication worked hard on yourself and made great results and development, then that should be celebrated. I am free 150 days a year to enjoy my family, relax and explore. How relaxed are you?

I hope that this blog has given you enough insight for a nice view of your next 20 years of entrepreneurship. And do you need help in making your team more enterprising, so that you will experience more freedom in your entrepreneurship? Then you know where to find me.

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