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Best Time to Post on Instagram for Likes

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The current statistics on social media indicate that Instagram has the highest rank regarding engagement. You know it very well, and now you want to earn the best results for your profile apart to get Instagram likes.

The fact is that you have to think differently than the same boring routine. Now, you need to put your best struggle and your time into producing engaging content that can grab the attention of more eyes.

The same strategy is crucial for many marketers because most avoid a significant factor in posting content at the most appropriate time on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, this is the most significant factor for attaining the highest engagement rate.

Logically, it is true because your content should live in a time when your users are active on Instagram, and you have to capture their attention.

Fine, when should you post your content on Instagram?

Unbelievably, it has both short and long answers. But it would be better to go with the long rather than the short one.

Remember, every creator has their own best posting time because of location and niche to grab a mass audience.

Therefore, it is difficult to say any specific business time will suit you. Thus, look at the best time setting for your brand and buy Instagram IGTV likes.

This post will instruct you about the best time for posting content on Instagram. Before this, you need to know why it is critical to identify the best time to publish your content.

Why does the best time matter for an Instagram post?

Instagram modifies its algorithm constantly. Thus, a timeline is vital for content to appear in the user feed and should adjust to the new features. However, three significant factors decide less or more ranking.

Interest: Different posts have the same content in which you showed interest and will display at the top of user feeds.

Recency: The recent content will preferably get the highest rank on user feeds with days or weeks regarding posts.

Relationship: Profiles and posts are frequently interrelated on Instagram; it also ranks better in the user feed.

However, recency is a significant factor in ranking Instagram posts, and a selected appropriate time for content is much more prominent.

When more people see your post, more engagement rate will increase in the first hour after posting.

With the best of this factor, the IG algorithm will plan for how many feeds you will rank or still need more effort to increase engagement.

It means you should strategically use the best time for posting content on Instagram for more saves, shares, comments, and likes. You need to choose the best time when users are active for successful results.

Thus, frequent posts on Instagram at the active time of users will enhance the recency factor to get an advantage. Besides, it will be the best chance for your business to show in the feed.

How to Choose the Best Time for an Instagram Post?

Let’s concentrate on a suitable time to post your content to increase engagement on your profile.

There are two possible methods to choose an ideal time for posting content when your audience is active on Instagram.

Use Instagram analytics: There are three things to post Instagram content at the best time audience, weekdays, and time frame. Luckily, Instagram analytics will help you to determine all scenarios.

The time range section in the analytics will allow you to pick the right period to see accurate insights regarding the audience.

Besides, you can comfortably download, email, and view an analytic report of your account for three months.

A heat map is another tool that estimates the average number of active users per hour automatically. And every day of a specific week in the selected time to post your content on Instagram.

Surprisingly, the heat map will provide the relevant information to increase engagement for your brand on Instagram.

Besides, you can quickly identify your audience concerning their age, gender, and other significant data.

Instagram reels are another stormy factor that does not only let people post reels but provides reel analytics as well.

Best Time to Post Content on Instagram

Are you looking for the best day to post your content on Instagram? According to some collected data from different brands, it is safe to post your content on weekdays.

For example, it is a good idea to post starting and closing working hours mean 6 AM to 9 AM or 5 PM to 6 PM.

Well, it’s not shocking because people want to see their feed while starting their work in the morning and after closing the workday while returning home.

People also tend to check their phones during lunchtime, so posting at lunchtime is the best time to grab an audience.

Another best posting time is weekends when the audience spends most time scrolling social media.

Most of the audience is out of hard work and busy spending their personal lives. If you are searching best time to post content on weekdays, you should try these times.

  • Monday 9 AM-10 AM
  • Tuesday 9 AM-10 AM
  • Wednesday 5 to 11 AM and 3 PM s
  • Thursday 12 PM & 5 PM
  • Friday 9 AM-10 PM, 5 PM-6 PM
  • Saturday 8 AM-12 PM
  • Sunday 10 AM-2 PM

Of course, there is much frustration if don’t approach the targeted audience despite after created content effortlessly.

But don’t look at numbers at the start of your posting on your Instagram, and never lose consistent efforts to see successful results.

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So, Instagram analytics will show you the best engaging time to capture users. But you can get only the best time in the user feed merely because of your content.

If you haven’t sparky posts to attract your audience, the best time cannot fetch the best results for you regarding comments and likes.

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