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How to draw a cartoon frog – let’s get started

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Cartoon frog drawing in just 6 straightforward measures. Frogs are one of the most bizarre animal species we have in character. These creatures come in many different types; some are quite massive, while others are small. You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, easy sunflower drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing.

They also arrive in many additional dyes and patterns, and this variety has made them popular to be depicted in everything from paintings to cartoons. You will learn how to create your funny version by learning how to draw a cartoon frog!

How to draw a cartoon frog – let’s get started!

Stage 1

For this first step of your cartoon frog drawing, we will focus on the top of the head and face. It will be simple, and you can start by drawing two circular shapes.

Each of them will have smaller circles inside, and the inside will be filled with black, as it will be the pupil. Then we’ll draw a curved line over each eye, connected by a smaller curved line between them.

Step 2 – Now draw some more of this frog’s face.

These will extend from where the previous lines for the head ended near the eyes in the previous step and will be quite curved as they will be the frog’s cheeks. Finish by adding a small curved line under the eyes for some extra expression, and then we can continue.

Step 3: Next, draw the face and legs.

Next, we are going to draw a smiling mouth. This will be drawn with curved lines that connect with a pointy tip in the middle. This will also have a curved line under it for a lower lip. Next, we will draw the legs. These will be quite short and stout and will have distinctive legs underneath. Each foot will have three rather short and rounded toes, and webbing will be between them.

Step 4: Now draw a water lily.

This water lily should be easy to add too! First, we’ll finish the outline of the frog. Specifically, we will draw rounded hips on the frog’s sides. Once these hips are drawn, we can add this water lily. It will be drawn using simple curved lines connected under the frog. When you’ve drawn the water lily as it appears in our example, you’re ready for some final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5 – Count the Last Points to Your Sketch

We’ll keep things very simple in this step, as we’ll essentially add an outline for the water on which the lily pad sits. We draw this outline using a simple curved line, but you can also omit it if you want the entire background to be lake or pond water.

Once you’ve added that final detail, you can add additional details and ideas to the image. It might be fun to draw a background to show what kind of environment this frog is in. What kind of details would you add to this image?

Step 6: Finish your drawing with color.

In our example image, we went with classic greens for the frog and swapped out the shades we used for some variety. We then used a darker green for the lily pad and finished with blue for the water. We chose these colors, but there are many more to choose from! If you research frog species, you’ll see that they can be any color you can imagine. We hope you have fun adding wonderful colors to this cute little frog!

4 Better Methods to Create Your Cartoon Frog Drawing Unique

Take action as we show you some ideas to improve your cartoon frog sketch! This drawing of a cartoon frog looks great on its own, but you could do even better with a friend! Currently, you understand how to remove a cartoon frog and have everything you need to add a friendly frog.

This second cartoon frog may look like the first, but you can change a few details to make it unique. What kind of pose would you like to create with this second frog? There are other little creatures that you could add to this drawing to keep this cartoon frog company too. These can range from tiny mice to

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