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Dissertation Topics on Fintech with Research & Aims Examples

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Are you worried about finding one of the best dissertation topics on Fintech to write a dissertation? Fintech, short for Financial Technology, is an eminent and rapidly growing industry that primarily focuses on using technology to improve the efficiency of traditional financial and banking services. Researching Fintech is significant for students pursuing their degrees in finance and technology.

The growing significance of Fintech as an ever-evolving research sector requires students to stay abreast of the emerging trends in the field. The students searching for suitable dissertation topics on Fintech find themselves in great trouble as inherent challenges are associated with this task. Due to the highly specialised nature of this field, it becomes difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest research topics as a whole new lot of information surfaces each day. This article will guide you on the top 10 best Fintech dissertation topics you may use for writing a dissertation in 2023.

What Are The Top 10 Best Fintech Dissertation Topics In 2023?

When choosing one of the best dissertation topics on Fintech, the title research and selection process can prove both daunting and exciting. That is why you must research your potential dissertation topic before selecting one. The following are some of the best Fintech dissertation topics that are the latest and highly relevant in 2023.

  1. Embracing and Accepting digital transformation with Fintech
  2. Fintech: business models, ecosystem, investment decisions, and the challenges associated with it
  3. How digital finance and Fintech can upgrade financial inclusion
  4. VaR and market value of Fintech companies: a detailed analysis and supporting evidence from global data
  5. Cooperation and competition between Fintech companies and their relevance with traditional financial institutions
  6. Bitcoin, blockchain and Fintech: a thorough systematic review and case studies in the supply chain
  7. Are the sustainability index and profile of Fintech companies a key driver of their value?
  8. The impact and effect of Fintech on businesses
  9. An empirical study of the effects of perceived security and knowledge on continuous intent to use mobile Fintech payment services
  10. Detail of the factors affecting the consumer acceptance towards Fintech services and products in ABC country

Let’s discuss the research aims and examples of these dissertation topics on Fintech in detail now.

Embracing And Accepting Digital Transformation With Fintech

Research Aim:

This study focuses on the significance of accepting the latest digital transformation in the field of research and innovation made possible with Fintech. You can add as many arguments as you want on this topic, as it has a wide research landscape.

Fintech: Business Models, Ecosystem, Investment Decisions, And The Challenges Associated With It

Research Aim:

This research will primarily focus on the business models used in Fintech, ecosystems and investment decisions and a detailed overview of the associated challenges.

How Digital Finance And Fintech Can Upgrade Financial Inclusion

Research Aim:

This study will focus on summarising all the possible and known ways which can be employed to upgrade financial inclusion by using Fintech and digital finance. It is one of the best dissertation topics on Fintech, and you should consider it for writing your dissertation.

VaR And Market Value Of Fintech Companies: A Detailed Analysis And Supporting Evidence From Global Data

Research Aim:

This study will determine the market value of Fintech companies and firms and the Value at Risk (VaR). It will also provide an analysis and comparison of the counterparts of such firms.

Cooperation And Competition Between Fintech Companies And their Relevance With Traditional Financial Institutions

Research Aim:

This study will focus on analysing cooperation and competition among various Fintech companies and the relevance of this relationship with traditional financial institutions around the globe.

Bitcoin, Blockchain And Fintech: A Thorough Systematic Review And Case Studies In The Supply Chain

Research Aim:

This study will review the role of Fintech, Blockchain and bitcoin in the field and provide you with the relevant case studies in the Supply Chain. It is one of the technical dissertation topics on Fintech.

Are The Sustainability Index And Profile Of Fintech Companies A Key Driver Of Their Value?

Research Aim:

This study will focus on finding an ultimate answer to the research question of whether the Fintech companies’ sustainability profiles act as a key element behind determining their value. You must state valid arguments to prove your stance in this dissertation.

The Impact And Effect Of Fintech On Businesses

Research Aim:

This topic entails much information that can be incorporated into your dissertation. The study will cover the impact of Fintech on various businesses around the globe.

An Empirical Study Of The Effects Of Perceived Security And Knowledge On Continuous Intent To Use Mobile Fintech Payment Services

Research Aim:

This study will provide readers with a thorough analysis of the impacts of specialised knowledge and security concerns related to mobile Fintech payment services. It will highlight the significance of developing safe and secure payment services related to Fintech.

Detail Of The Factors Affecting The Consumer Acceptance Towards Fintech Services And Products In ABC Country

Research Aim:

This study will focus on the impact of all the factors affecting consumer acceptance towards the products and services associated with Fintech in the country of your choice, such as Malaysia, Germany, China, etc.


You can choose any of the dissertation topics on Fintech we have mentioned in this article. It will be best to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the topic’s underlying concepts, and you should have enough research material available on the chosen topic beforehand. You must ensure that you understand the dissertation topic you have selected; only then will you be able to write the best dissertation on your chosen topic that will impress your professor.

Read: What Are the Top 10 Dissertation Topics on Fintech in 2023?

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