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How Long Does It Take to Build A Mobile App?

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When an app developer or a software development expert presents a concept of the product, the time and cost required for the development are the first things that a brand focuses on learning. of the app. It is a vital piece of detail as it lets businesses decide the budget roadmap of the project. 

There are a lot of app development firms that provide free quotes to clients. In the quote, the time and cost required to execute the task are mentioned in detail. Indeed, you can not get a thorough estimate. Estimation of the application time for app design and development helps them prepare for forthcoming expenses.

Since the platforms and frameworks for application integration are vastly distinct, brands seek to consult an on-demand app development company that can provide an accurate and descriptive layout of the time. 

In this post, we will look through the different ways application development agencies decide the required time for a project: 

Here’s How the Time Estimate Begins at An App Development Firm

In general, a software and application development company charges on an hourly basis. Some high-end firms with years of IT experience may even prepare an overall cost for the project. The size of the app development project is a factor in this context. Here is an overview of two prominent app design and development project costs:

The Fixed Cost Structure 

Little initiatives with a well-defined objective and plan boost significantly from this method. The clarity of app development expenses is the main advantage of this method of calculation. Fixed cost structure also entails the development in the minimal possible time. 

Time & Resources 

For large-scale developments, this process is applied as it involves scalability based on project testing and observations. The approx cost is determined considering the hourly rate of the app developer and the amount of time they give into the project. 

Time Estimate for App Development Services 

Analogous (Similar-to) Apps

An analogous (similar-to) app is supposed to be the one in which the consumer wants development depending on the idea/model of an existing platform. These types of apps require less time for development and deployment as compared to custom portals.

Customized Apps 

A custom app is a kind of app that is built as per the customer’s requirements. They do not exist on the list of pre-made apps on the app store. You need to hire a dedicated iPhone app developer to build customized apps. An app developer takes a lot of time to develop such an app in comparison with other apps. Time may vary as per the features and functions of the mobile apps. 

App Development Processes that Take Time

A frontend development company consumes the overall project duration in the given steps:

Discovery Process 

The app development company focuses on the research phases very well at the time of the app development process. Then they design a proper plan to develop the app. In this phase, they create wireframes that can last for up to two weeks and they examine the design. The following actions are taken during the research phase: 

  • User Profiles
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Wireframes
  • Stories From The Users
  • Moodboard
  • Mockups 

The developers try to understand what the clients want and they do thorough market research. They will try to know the technology behind the mobile app. So, it may take up to one or two weeks. 


Mobile app testing is a vital step in building a mobile app. It is very important to test mobile apps on numerous devices and operating systems, such as Android and iOS. It may take some weeks for the testing process. 


The last phase of developing a mobile app is to launch the app to the public. It may take one to two weeks to complete the process. 

Periodic Upgrades 

After posting the app on the Play Store and Apple App Store, the development process expands to maintenance and timely upgrades. Technology is constantly changing. So, after launching the app, it will require proper maintenance and updates. 


A professional app development company offering on-demand application development services will always present a definitive and reasonable timeline at the time of project discussion. If you need the assistance of one such agency in the USA, Zazz can be your IT consulting and development partner. Our application developers can provide you with a cost-efficient time estimate that matches your preference in terms of project launch.

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