Friday, March 24, 2023

How Unions Clash With Small Construction Companies

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I recently spoke with a gentleman who works as an architect in Los Angeles County. Before joining the district in 2008 after the real estate crash, he worked in various private sectors and had extensive experience in engineering and architecture. From infrastructure to post LEED and environmental design. We should talk about the importance of facing the building in a certain direction. And why should there be solar power on top of a government building with a massive roof? Obviously, the return on investment is more profitable with more space. (economies of scale) And if it’s built right, let’s talk?

I have long argued that large storage buildings such as hangars and other large buildings with large footprints such as schools and colleges should definitely go solar. Of course, there are also energy saving problems. But if it (battery problem) goes back to the grid, that makes sense too. We talked about how communities can get involved when the opportunity arises. and began offering LEED-certified rooms. Here, people in the construction field learn environmentally friendly construction methods and techniques, be it electrical, plumbing, roofing or more.

Many associations join together to obtain certificates during the issuance of the association. Currently, all public buildings are required to be LEED certified so new businesses and housing under buildings must be LEED certified. But this means that everyone involved in the construction of a particular structure must be certified. If the union trains everyone and most of the union’s employees are certified. And most small construction companies don’t hire temporary workers. This will score points for the association.

If you work in a union, this may seem like a good thing.

 But if you’re a homeowner renovating, adding a room or building a new yard. The planning committee may ask you to come up with an energy efficient and environmentally friendly approach. By doing so, they can require LEED certification for their property. Of course, this is a problem because you have to hire a very expensive affiliate company. Unionized companies do this all the time because they pay their workers more and they get all the benefits.

If you want to hire a small commercial construction company but want to renovate? 

They may not be able to because they are not LEED certified, which means they must outsource some of their work to union members. This will again increase the cost. Many smaller manufacturers are out of the loop. It is unfortunate because of the cost of constructing a new building or repairing or renovating it. This will increase the renters. Sustainability, green building and LEED construction talbon are all hurting, not helping, the construction business.

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