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Is a Used iPhone Really a Good Choice in Pakistan

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Even though an iPhone isn’t a widely accessible smartphone due to its huge price point, there are around 1.8 Billion active devices. It has basically become a status symbol that everyone must have. That’s why people even go towards the used iPhone option but should they?

Today, I’ll be going over some important things about a used Apple smartphone and also explaining my personal experience with a used iPhone 12 Pro. This helps you understand whether or not it’s a good decision to buy such a phone in Pakistan.

So, the topics which we’ll go over in this article are:

  • 3 things to know about a used iPhone
  • Personal experience
  • Is it a good option in Pakistan

Let’s start by going over a few things that you need to know about such devices.

3 Things to Know About a Used iPhone

Buying a used mobile is a very big deal because what that implies is that you’re willing to spend less money on a device that has been previously pre-owned by someone else. It can be a really scary and difficult decision if you don’t know what you’re looking for and (most importantly) where you’re looking for the device.

Here are 3 things that you should know before you buy a used smartphone:

1. Low Prices

These types of phones, be it in used or refurbished condition, normally come at a lower price point than the original price point. Let’s take a used iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example. The price of the used version of this Pro Max device will be much lower than if you get a new one; why is that?

The main reason behind it is that the phone has been previously owned by another person who has used the device for some time and then sold it. Since the device has lost its original value, the next price that will be set for the device will depend upon the condition of the device.

If the condition of the device is good enough and everything is in working condition, then the price of the device will be a bit higher than the normal price in the market. The same is also true in the opposite direction because if the device has a lot of scuff marks or there is some issue with the device, then its price will be a bit lower.

2. Battery

Speaking of the condition of the phone, the battery is one of the main components of a smartphone. The older the battery is, the more likely chance there is that the battery will hold less and less charge over time. 

In the case of used mobile phones (iPhones, to be more precise), if the phone itself has gone through more than 500 charge cycles, the battery will degrade so much that it won’t be very practical to use such a device. There isn’t any direct way to check the battery health on Android, but if you use an iPhone like a new or used iPhone 11 Pro, then you can easily check the battery health in the settings.

It’s recommended that you pick a used or refurbished mobile phone with more than 80% battery health because it can still give you decent battery life on a single charge.

3. Overall Condition

This phone’s price is highly influenced by its condition, as I mentioned earlier. Unlike a refurbished mobile phone, a used one doesn’t always assure that you’ll get the best condition possible. Sometimes there might be visible scuff marks, or a few buttons aren’t working properly. This can heavily factor in how good of an experience you’ll get.

Another thing that you’ll need to look out for is if the components of the phones have been replaced before. This is because once the phone has been opened, then it won’t retain any of its water resistance. Plus, the components used in the phone normally don’t guarantee that they’ll work just like the original.

Personal Experience

Since I’ve been buying used mobile phones for quite some time now, and I currently own a used iPhone 12 Pro, I felt it necessary to share my own experience with such devices. I bought this iPhone about 2 months ago from a company called Wise Market.

At first, I was really skeptical because I haven’t had the best track record with used mobiles, but now I believe that it was a good decision. The phone itself was in the best condition possible, both physically and software-wise. 

It would be easy for me to believe that I received a brand-new smartphone if I didn’t know any better. It blows my mind that this iPhone has a 97% battery life and has never been opened. Even for a 2-year-old phone, that’s very good battery health that you won’t normally see. With this iPhone, I also bought the Apple Watch Series 7, which was released with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. The watch itself is amazing simply because of its looks, battery, and integration with the Apple ecosystem. It’s definitely my favorite smartwatch out of all the others on the market.

Is It a Good Option in Pakistan

Now, after discussing everything in this article, the main question still remains is it a good option in Pakistan? And, with my personal experience with the phone, I can safely say that “Yes! It’s an amazing choice.” 

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to only approach trusted sellers and don’t go for others that might scam you. That’s why I only bought my used iPhone from Wise Market, which not only has some of the best prices when it comes to smart devices but also some of the best quality. They have a huge collection of smartphones and smart devices that I highly recommend that you check out.

So, what’s the hold-up? Check out Wise Market Pakistan today and get the best devices available on the marketplace.

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