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My Arlo Camera Keeps Freezing while Recording Motion. Help!

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Arlo security cameras are trusted by millions when it comes to keeping a watch over the happenings in and around the house. If you’ve also installed this wonderful camera in your house by accessing the Arlo camera login page, then we would like to congratulate you first for believing in this wonderful device. But, what happened? It seems that you are facing a problem with your security cam. Does your Arlo camera keep freezing while recording motion? No worries! Just walk through the tricks highlighted in this write-up and learn what can be done to resolve the problem you are facing with ease.

But, before you hop up to the section discussing the troubleshooting techniques, learn what might have caused the issue in the first place. Getting familiar with the reasons behind the issue will make it easy for you to get the issue resolved easily.

Why Does Arlo Camera Keeps Freezing?

A lot of reasons can be there behind the issue you are facing with your security camera. But the primary one is the insufficiency of power. Therefore, you must check whether the power requirements of your camera are getting fulfilled or not. If your wireless camera uses a chargeable battery, then ensure that the battery is not running out of charge. However, if your security camera fetches power from a wall outlet, then be sure that you have not connected it to a damaged socket. Doing so not only reduces the efficiency of your camera but also exposes your security device to the risk of permanent damage.

If there is nothing wrong with the camera’s power, then consider walking through the below-mentioned points. Chances are that your Arlo camera keeps freezing while recoding motion due to the following reasons:

  1. Your camera is placed out of the range of the base station.
  1. The firmware version of your security camera has become outdated.
  1. Technical glitches are not allowing your security device to work properly.

Fix: Arlo Camera Keeps Freezing

In the previous section, we shed light on the reasons forcing your camera to freeze while recording motion. In this section, you will learn what to do if a problem in the discussion arises. However, we would like to tell you that implementing a few hacks will require you to access your Arlo login account  So, be ready for the same.

  1. Mount the Camera Close to Base Station

The very first thing you can do to fix the freezing issue with your security camera is to reduce the gap between the security camera and the base station. Know that the base station works as an internet source for your security camera. If you do not place both devices close, they won’t be able to communicate. Additionally, the camera must be in sync with the base station. Just in case you do not have a base station employed, consider reducing the distance between your Arlo camera and the router/modem.

  1. Update the Arlo Firmware

Log in to your Arlo account and see if your camera needs a firmware update. Know that when a security camera is in need of an update, it starts behaving weirdly. The emergence of the problem you’re currently facing is just the beginning. Moreover, installing the latest firmware version on the camera will result in the addition of new features. Therefore, you should not delay installing the latest firmware on your camera. However, be careful while doing so. The firmware file uploaded on your security camera must be correct.

  1. Restart Your Arlo Camera

Sometimes, a simple restart is what your Arlo camera needs and due to this, it starts acting out. Before you find yourself struggling with another problem, restart your security camera. For this, you just need to remove the battery from the case, wait for a few minutes, and install the battery after that. Once done, check if you’re still facing the Arlo camera keeps freezing problem. Count it as a bonus, but regularly restarting the camera will also help you keep Arlo login issue  at bay.

In a Nutshell

The optimal working of your security camera is necessary if you want to be ensured regarding home security. But, it won’t happen if your Arlo camera keeps freezing while recording motion. Hopefully, with the help of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to get the problem resolved like it never existed.

Hundred to one-shots, if you are still getting annoyed by the same, you’re left with no option other than resetting your camera’s settings and beginning over the start-up protocol.

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