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The 5 Best Red Wine To Drink In 2023

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If you enjoy a nice glass of red wine from time to time, you’ve probably wondered which is the best red wine. In this article, we bring up some best red wines and how they benefit you. Although red wine is produced from dark grapes, the color can vary. Some wines may be purple, some red, and the color of wines may be brown. The wines commonly used are made from the two major red grape varieties, Kotsifli and Mandilari. The wine made from Kotsifli is light in color but has a high alcohol content. At the same time, a red wine made from Mandilari is deep red. So before knowing about the best red wines, we will look at some of the main types of wines below. 

Types Of Red Wines

There are many types of red wine, but it’s impossible to tell them all in one article. Therefore, here we are talking about some of the wide varieties. 

1. Syrah Red Wine

This red wine is also known as Shiraz. This variety is slightly spicy and dark red. Some of its types are long-lasting, and their flavor is also powerful. 

2. Merlot Red Wine

It is a soft variety of red wine. This variety is a good choice for those consuming red wine for the first time. 

3. Cabernet Red Wine

This red wine is one of the best varieties in the world, which is very much liked. 

4. Malbec Red Wine

This red wine is made in Bordeaux, France, and is often blended with the Carbonate and Merlot varieties of red wine. 

5. Pinot noir Red Wine

It is counted among the most special red wine, which is very difficult to make. 

6. Zinfandel Red Wine

It is the highest quality red wine in the world. 

7. Sangiovese Red Wine

This is Italian red wine, and Its taste is like a berry.

8. Barbera Red Wine

It is similar to Merlot but is not a more popular variety.

The Best Red Wine | Top Picks

The 5 Best Red Wine To Drink In 2023
red and white wine poured from a bottle into wine glass on white background, isolated

1. Altos Las Hormigas Gualtallary Malbec

Argentina’s leading red wine is the Altos Las Hormigas Gualtallary Malbec. Altos Las Hormigas pairs well with a variety of meat dishes. Because it contains less than 0.5% alcohol, it is classified as a non-alcoholic beverage under local food laws and regulations. This alcohol content is comparable to other food products such as bread, bakery, and juices. This malbec red wine is designed with consumers’ changing tastes in mind. You can get this from wired for wine at affordable prices. Apply our Wired For Wine Discount Code and make significant savings. 

2. Grover La Reserve Red wine

This is a medium-bodied red wine with complex layers that is well-balanced. This red has a smoky aroma and flavors of dark plum and roasted cherry with bacon notes. The soft finish has peppery undertones. The bouquet of La Reserve is delicious, with an exquisite hint of spice and complexity. Blueberries, blackcurrant, and vanilla aromas combine grace and majesty on the palate.   

3. Guigal Cote Rotie La Landonne

With its velvety texture and dark fruit aromas, its dense and dark Syrah wine will envelop you. It follows the fruit flavors of black cherry, olives, espresso, and cassis with a long, lingering finish that will leave you wanting more. However, you should proceed cautiously because this age-worthy wine improves each year.  

4. 2005 Masseto Toscana IGT

Masseto Toscana IGT is the best red wine for your celebrations because it won’t leave you with a hangover. The 2005 vintage combines Tuscany’s stony terrain with the best of France. Enjoy the exquisite espresso, milk chocolate, and fresh-cut floral flavors of the vibrant and tannin-rich wine. The more time it spends in the bottle, the more complex it will become.  

5. Estela Lunar Pinot Noir Red Wine

A case of wine is the best option when serving a large group. Red wine with a low alcohol content that tastes great is Estela Lunar Pinot Noir. This natural-tasting wine, which has notes of sweet spice, red cherry, and a touch of tobacco, was praised by our panel for being elegant and delicate. It is ideal for dinner parties and goes exceptionally well with the cheese course. 

How Red Wine is Beneficial For Our Health

Wine contains substances that may significantly affect cardiovascular diseases and some chronic diseases. Red wine mainly consists of water, carbohydrates, minerals, and polyphenols. As mentioned above, red wine is primarily made from grapes, which are rich in many antioxidants. Their presence in food and drink can reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes. Not only this, but the consumption of red wine can also help lower the blood pressure of high-blood-pressure patients.  

Some Additional Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Benefits of red wine:

  • For heart health and cholesterol
  • For diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • To prevent cancer
  • To increase omega-3 fatty acids
  • To increase immunity

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